This article is about the actual person. For the fursona, see Renard (character).

Birth May 22, 1988 (21 years)
Real Name Dave R.
Debut in MGD Mungyodance
Songs in MGD A lot, under many aliases
Gender Says he is agender and prefers gender-neutral pronounces. Though his characters vary in gender
Aliases Sonitus Vir, Emoticon, Lollipop, Hecate, Kitsune², Neko, MGD Assault Force, MGD-Crew, Azrael, Jaql, D-Mode-D, Omicron Complex, Sigma, Jackal Queenston, Mayhem


Renard likes to get drunk and hump things.

Dave, better known as Renard, is the primary in-house musician and the director of Mungyodance. He is right-handed. His music-making program of choice is MODPlug Tracker.

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