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Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave


Developer Monakai
Publisher VULPvibe Entertainment
Release Date August 23, 2008
Engine Modified StepMania 3.9 (Codename: "")

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave is the final game in the Mungyodance series. Originally, it was going to have over 300 all-new songs, plus both of the MGD2 Add-on Packs. However, shortly before (?) the game's original release date, it was announced that all but one of MGD2's songs would also be in the game, for a total of over 780 songs. On May 24th, 2008 (the original release date) the game was delayed to one month later (June 24th). However, this delay was expected as it was announced over a month earlier. The website has been updated to show the new release date. That date was later missed, and the game was delayed to "sometime in July". This was also missed, and the date was bumped to August 24. The game ended up being released one day earlier than August 24th.

An Evaluation from Mungyodance 3.

Gameplay of Mungyodance 3 in action


  • New Oni-mode like life system, based on the charts.
  • Extra Mode modsets for almost all, if not all of the new songs.
  • No evaulation system, instead displaying steps hit for score
  • A new, original unlock system.
  • 3D NoteSkin (the main one, all the others are 2D and unusable outside of specific Extra Mode modsets)
  • Multiple versions of a song listed under one song (known as EX songs).
  • Pressing F11 during gameplay reveals a message that reads: "Don't push that! :(".  The function of pressing the button, on a normal Stepmania build, would increase the offset during the song.

New Songs[]

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