Mungyodance 2


Developer Emphatic Games
Publisher Emphatic Games
Release Date May 23, 2007
Engine Modified StepMania 3.9 ("Mungyodance 2 1.0")

Mungyodance 2 is the second game in the Mungyodance series. It was developed by Emphatic Games, and is the last game developed by them before their transition into Monakai, a subsidary of VULPvibe Records. There are 464 songs in the game.


Mungyodance 2 includes nearly all of the songs from MGD1, plus 295 new songs which is listed as Blue in the songlist. It did not have an announcer, unlike the first Mungyodance. Streaks were renamed to combos, and step judgements were changed to hit and miss, not unlike Guitar Hero. The letter ranking system was replaced by a 1-8 paw system, with 8 paws being no missed notes. Extra Mode, a mode that allows songs to be played with scripted modifiers, was added. Nonstop songs, similar to the Nonstop Remixes of Pump it Up and the Nonstop Megamixes of DDR Solo were added. The package system was modified to be more secure, as it actually involved encryption. The modifier choice screen (present in MGD1) was removed, and replaced by a speed mod selector on the song select and Extra Mode select screens.


Gameplay of Mungyodance 2. Note that the Streak from Mungyodance was renamed to Combo and that it gives no rating of your steps.


Evaluation of Mungyodance 2. The letter is replaced by paws.


During the beta phase, the game was planned to have channels similar to Mungyodance 3's. The channel selection menu and two channel banners from that menu have graphical leftovers in the game. Leftovers of Mungyodance's beta, a classic StepMania unlock screen (also found as a leftover in Mungyodance, weren't removed during development and were found in the theme.. Sugarkill Zonkers is listed in the unlock file. A typo in the same also caused Sugarkill Breakdown to be unlocked at the start, when it was supposed to be an unlock.

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