Mungyodance (Beta)


Developer Emphatic Games
Publisher Emphatic Games
Release Date Never
Engine Unknown, most likely unmodified or slightly modified StepMania 3.9

Before Mungyodance, there was Mungyodance (Beta).

Info Edit

Mungyodance (Beta) is the collective term for prototypes of the original Mungyodance. It was never released, however many graphical parts of it were released onto the internet before the original MGD came out. It was also the only MGD to have an ad campaign.

Songlist Edit

Playable At Start

Amon Tobin - Verbal
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?
Beatdrop - It's Difficult to Stand When You're on Acid
Billy Talent - This is How it Goes
Blue Man Group - I Feel Love
Blümchen - Engel Der Nacht¹
Blümchen - Little Satellite
Blümchen - Lollipop Song²
Bond - Gypsy Rhapsody¹
Brisk and Vagabond - The Time has Come
BT - Knowledge of Self
Calyx - Are You Ready?
Capcom Sound Team - Gateman
Citizen King - Salt Bag Spill
Collide - Razor Sharp
Daft Punk - Digital Love¹
Daybehavior - Superstar
Dieselboy and Kaos - Nitro¹
DJ Sharpnel - Bluesky¹
DJ Zany - House Muzik
Dumonde - Human
Emoticon - Paradise (In the style of "Smiley")
Emoticon - Rediculous (In the style of "Smiley")
Erasure - Oh L'amour¹
E-Sassin - Interface
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus³
Ferry and Garnefski - Doop (Mother Remix)¹
Fischerspooner - A Kick in the Teeth
Fischerspooner - Cloud¹
Freezepop - Freezepop Forever (Chris Child Remix)
Haiducci - Dragostea Din Tei (DJ Ross Remix)
Ham, Demo, Justin Time - Here I Am¹
Hecate - Clip Trash
Hecate - Down in the Water
Hecate - Wahoo¹
Hecate vs Klonoa Sound Team - Merciless Suite
Highlights - Electric Sylph
Icon of Coil - Wiretrip
Junior Senior - Rhythm Bandits²
Keiichi Okabe - Xiaoyu
Lipps Inc. - Funkytown
Lollipop - June
Lollipop - Leeroy
Lollipop - Sugarkill Ultimate¹
Lovescreamterror - Nightmare
Machinae Supremacy - Hero
MC Frontalot - Front the Most
Mad Capsule Markets - Jag
Mad Capsule Markets - MIDI Surf
Mad Capsule Markets - Restart³
Mind Reflection - Your Way
Mobile Beats Crew - Karate Nerd 01
Mobile Beats Crew - Ninja Power
Mobile Beats Crew - ZanLOW Shichouyou
Mr De' - The Zoo
Myu - 5x1x1
Neko - Bang!¹
Neko - Cinema
Neko - Generic S-R
Neko - Half-Spirit¹
Neko - If I Were a Belmont
Neko - Set (In the style of "Banzai")
Neko - Spirit
Neko vs DJ Remo-Con - Bad Boy Bass!! (1X1Y1Z Remix)
Ome Henk - Opblaaskrokodil
Pash - Wild!
Pet Shop Boys - A Different Point of View¹
Primary - Hot Cocoa
Renard - CMD
Renard - Devil Road³
Renard - Galvanizer (Spoof of the song progression used in "Energizer" by ZigZag)
Renard - Psychopath
Renard - Vector (Spoof of "Vertex" by ZigZag)ª
Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Nustyle Mix)¹
Shariq Ansari - Legend of the Starfighter
Simo - Rasys(02)
Smashmouth - Keep it Down (Instrumental Climax)
Sonitus Vir - Anomaly
Sonitus Vir - Eclectica (In the Style of KaW / Banzai)
Sonitus Vir - Nautical Exploration System
Sonitus Vir - Not in Service (Spoof of the "Disconnected" series by Inspector K)
Sonitus Vir - Organix (Spoof of "Robotix" by KBit)
Sonitus Vir - Phoebus Ad Nox
Sonitus Vir - Sanction¹
Sonitus Vir - What? What? Go! (In the style of "Go 60 Go")
Squarepusher - Come On My Selector
TE2 - Gentletree
Terrorvision - Conspiracy
The Crystal Method - Name of the Game
The Postal Service - Brand New Colony¹
The Prodigy - Breathe¹
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Total Science - Champion Sound
Totally Radd!! - Dressed Up¹
Totally Radd!! - Master of Diagrams¹
Trash80 - Kitty Kitty
Uncut - Midnight²
Unkolyn - Over the Wind
YamaDAjet - Halfway
Yoji Biomehanika - Hardhouse Raver¹
Yoshida Brothers - Kodo Inside the Sun
Yuu Miyake - Humanoid
Yuu Miyake - Katamari on the Rock
Yuu Miyake - Lonely Rolling Star

Unlockable Songs (in no real order)

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Blümchen - Heut ist Mein Tag¹
Bond - Fuego¹
BT - The Great Escape¹
Dave Rodgers - Space Boy¹
DJ Sharpnel - Emiru Maniax¹
Fischerspooner - Dot
Lollipop - Sugarkill Jungle
Lollipop - Sugarkill Survivor
Yello - Oh Yeah¹
Totally Radd!! - Mike Tyson's Punch Out¹
Emoticon - Paradise (Euromix) (Spoof of July Euromix)
Hecate - Klonoa Pop
Neko - ? (Spoof of "!" by Onyx)
Novasonic - Empire of the Sun³
Renard - Anarchy
Neko - Bean R
Neko - Hungarian Dance No 5
Neko vs Sampling Masters MEGA - Rottel-Da-Mercury (Neko's Double-H Mix)
Sonitus Vir - Forget September (Spoof of "Remember December" by Mind Reflection)¹


Second Nightmare Stage - Quanch8ero - Chainsaw Lee (101% difficulty! Awful steps!)

¹: Was included in the final product. ²: Eventually appeared in Mungyodance 2. ³: Eventually appeared in Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave. ª: Appears in Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave as Dis.

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