Destination Helios


Artist zeta vs. Renard
Year 2008
Debut Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave
BPM 209-627
Difficulties Easy, Med, Hard, PRO, Insane
Ratings 72, 88, 100, 147, XXX
MGD3 Channel MGD3 New Productions

Destination Helios by zeta vs. Renard will appear in Mungyodance 3. It is the follow-up to Final Destination, while Destination of the Heart is the follow-up to the original Destination. It samples from the beatmania IIDX boss song "VANESSA", by SUZAKU.

Video Edit

Mungyodance 3 - Destination Helios Stepchart

Mungyodance 3 - Destination Helios Stepchart

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