Dash Hopes II


Artist Renard
Year 2007
Debut Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave
BPM 500
Difficulties INSANE
Ratings XXX (Over 200+ as rated in the R21 pack.)
MGD3 Channel Mungyodance 3 Productions

Why even try?...

Dash Hopes II is a song by Renard for Mungyodance 3 along with Dash Hopes III. It is the sequel to Dash Hopes, the final unlockable song in Mungyodance 2.

Fakes and ParodiesEdit

Pictures and a video from the MGD3 party show that Dash Hopes II was bag in disguise, although that was probably for the sake of the party. Statements have appeared that there was both a fake and a real Dash Hopes II in that build. The real one wasn't recorded. Three songs were released that had the name "Dash Hopes II".

"mgd3 leak" VersionEdit

The version posted in the "mgd3 leak" was actually DJ Voltage's "Totally Impossible" simfile from many years ago. The background features a monkey penis.

Mashup VersionEdit

The other fake was a mishmash of random songs, then breaking into a bit of heavily sped-up Yakety Sax before mashing a bit more, then finally play the ending to Dash Hopes (the original) and more than twice the normal speed, with a person saying "Hiiiiii Dash Hopes, Dash Hopes II, yaaaay, Dash Hopes, Dash Hopes" played over it.

Other MashupEdit

The other mashup appeared on the third page of the butchers shit shack! (sic). It starts with an ominous brooding sound then switches to Ice Cube's "No Vaseline" with various high frequencies being scattered around it.

Video Edit

Rynker - Dash Hopes II

Rynker - Dash Hopes II

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