5 Step Adventure


Developer Monakai Games
Publisher Monakai Games
Release Date Cancelled
Engine Modified StepMania

5 Step Adventure was an upcoming game from Monakai Games, who previously developed the Mungyodance series. It was cancelled along with Monakai closing on the same day the Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave was released - August 23rd, 2008. 5 Step Adventure would've had many differences from Mungyodance:

  • The game would not have been free - It would've been a $5 pay-to-download game, however a $15 DVD-ROM with many extras would have also been released.
  • The game would've had an actual story mode.
  • The game would've been completely legal.
  • The game would've utilized FIVE ARROWS (aka, Pump), not four (DDR/ITG/MGD/DPR).
  • It was said the art style would have been Pop'n-esque.
  • The songlist would've been entirely new and exclusive to the game, with about 60-70 songs.

The Team Edit

Direction, Music, Design, Stepcharts, Whatever: Renard
Programming, Metrics, Whatever: AJ
The Man With The Plan: InfamousPat
Character Designer + Artist: Rasasha
CRS Programming: WinDEU

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